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Do the funds invest in foreign stocks?


Do the stock funds invest in options, futures or illiquid securities? What about investing on margin or selling short?


What is Weitz Investments' position on socially responsible investing?


What are the appropriate benchmarks I should use to evaluate the investment results of the Weitz Funds?


What is Weitz Funds' proxy voting policy?



Are the funds offered for sale in all states?


What is the minimum initial investment?


Are there plans to close any of the funds?


Do you manage separate accounts?


What are the differences among the Weitz Funds?




Can I access my account online?


How do I open a regular (non-IRA) account?


Do you offer IRAs?


How do I open an IRA?


How do I rollover assets from my former employer's retirement plan [401(k), 403(b), etc.] to Weitz Investments?


How do I transfer my IRA to a Weitz Investments IRA?


How do I change my IRA beneficiaries?


How do I purchase additional shares?

Can I purchase shares with a credit card, cash or money order?


How can I establish an automatic investment plan?


How do I redeem shares?


How do I exchange shares between the funds?


How do I change the address of record for my account(s)?


What tax forms will I receive?




What are abandoned property/escheatment rules?


When do the funds pay distributions?


Why do the funds pay distributions?


Why do distributions cause fund prices to go down?


How does Weitz Funds keep shareholders informed?


When and where is Weitz Funds' annual shareholder information meeting?


Why does Weitz Funds have two mailing addresses?


I don't hold my funds directly with Weitz. Why don't I receive shareholder reports from Weitz Funds?



What is a share class?


In what ways are the share classes different?


Can I exchange from Investor Class shares to Institutional Class shares?


Is an exchange from one share class to another share class of the same fund a taxable event?

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