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Weitz's "Winning Formula" in Fixed Income Featured in Barron's



Weitz's Tom Carney, CFA, and Nolan Anderson sit down with Barron's to break down their approach to bond investing and how their simple, yet powerful, fixed income philosophy has led to strong results for the Weitz Core Plus Income Fund.

The Barron's Fund Profile titled “Meet Omaha's Unsung Fund Managers. Here's Their Winning Formula” provides a glimpse into how Carney and Anderson strive to achieve returns without taking on excessive downside risk. Specifically, the profile highlights how the portfolio managers invest beyond broad indexes and take advantage of the best risk/reward opportunities available at any given time.


Average Annual Total Returns (%) as of 9.30.2022
YTD 1 YR 3 YR 5 YR Since

Core Plus Income Fund - Institutional (WCPBX)

expense ratio: 0.40% (net) | 0.62% (gross)

-11.11 -11.10 -0.07 1.79 2.49
Bloomberg U.S. Aggregate Bond Index -14.61 -14.60 -3.25 -0.27 0.87
Morningstar U.S. Intermediate Core-Plus Bond Category


Morningstar Ranking as of 9.30.2022
Category: Intermediate Core-Plus Bond  1 YR 3 YR 5 YR

Percentile Ranking

6 3 3
Ranking/number of funds in category 19 / 610 18 / 568 10 / 508

Morningstar Rankings are based on total returns




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