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Applications & Forms


Regular Account Application (Non-IRA) IRA Account Application (Traditional & Roth) Inherited IRA Account Application


Automatic Investment Service
Establish an automatic investment into your Weitz Funds account via ACH
Automatic Redemption Service
Establish an automatic withdrawal from your Weitz Funds account via ACH
Bank Information
Establish or change bank instructions on your account
Change of Address
Change the address on your Weitz Funds account(s) (requires the signature of all account holders)
Change of Title (Non-IRA Account Application)
Complete the application in the name of the new account title and return it with a signed letter of instruction (all parties currently on an account must sign). If changing the title to a Trust, also send a copy of the first and last page of the Trust document.
Gift or Transfer of Shares
Gift or transfer of shares to an individual or a non-profit organization, or re-registration (name change, divorce/separation, individual to trust, etc.)
IRA Charitable Distribution Request
Initiate charitable distribution from a Weitz Funds IRA account
IRA Designation of Beneficiary
Establish or change beneficiaries on a Weitz Funds IRA account
IRA Transfer/Rollover
Initiate a transfer or rollover from an IRA or retirement plan at another financial institution to a Weitz Funds IRA account
IRA Withdrawal Statement
Initiate withdrawal from a Weitz Funds IRA account
Request for Householding
Request a new "household relationship" for multiple statements that are sent to the same address. Account statements will remain separate but will be mailed in a single envelope.
Roth IRA Conversion
Convert your existing Weitz Funds Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA or convert another Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA by a direct conversion from your current custodian/trustee
Transfer on Death (ToD)
Indicate to whom your non-IRA assets should be paid in the event of your death
Wire Instructions
Establish or change bank wire instructions on your account (a Medallion Signature Guarantee is required)
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