Weitz Introduces Core Plus Income Fund

Tom Carney and Nolan Anderson to co-manage New Intermediate Term Bond Fund

OMAHA, NE, August 18, 2014-- Weitz Investment Management, Inc. today announced that the firm has launched Weitz Core Plus Income Fund (Investor Class: WCPNX; Institutional Class: WCPBX), the 10th fund in the Weitz fund family. The new intermediate-term bond fund invests in domestic investment-grade debt issues, as well as debt in non-benchmark sectors. It will be co-managed by Tom Carney and Nolan Anderson.

The Intermediate-term bond category is presently the largest segment of the fixed-income market, with some 37% ($921 billion) of market share according to Morningstar Direct (as of 12/31/13).

The non-benchmark sectors in which Weitz Core Plus Income Fund may invest include global and/or lower-rated debt. The fund is expected to have a longer average maturity than the Weitz Short-Intermediate Income Fund (WEFIX and WSHNX) and will use the Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index as its primary benchmark.

"The ability to utilize non-benchmark sectors can be a tremendous advantage in the fixed income markets, especially over the long-term," said Tom Carney, portfolio manager, Weitz Funds. "This new fund employs an extended tool box that will allow us to go where we see opportunity. We here at Weitz see this fund as a sensible option for those looking for less constrained fixed income exposure."

Tom Carney joined Weitz Investments in 1995 and is currently the portfolio manager on Weitz Short-Intermediate Income Fund, Weitz Nebraska Tax-Free Income Fund, Weitz Government Money Market Fund, and co-portfolio manager on Weitz Core Plus Income Fund.

Nolan Anderson joined the company in November 2011. He is a research analyst and co-portfolio manager on Weitz Core Plus Income Fund.

"At Weitz, we focus on the long term," said Wally Weitz, president and founder of Weitz Investments. "Through its flexible mandate, Weitz Core Plus Income Fund gives investors access to a fixed income strategy that endeavors to both weather downturns and leverage opportunities. As the name clearly states, it's a core fixed income strategy, and a welcome addition to our fund roster."

For more information on Weitz Funds, call a client service representative at 800-304-9745, or email clientservices@weitzinvestments.com.

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