Company Overview

Founded in 1983 as Wallace R. Weitz Company with $11 million under management

  • Now runs ten no load value funds
    • Value Fund (WVAIX/WVALX)
    • Partners Value Fund (WPVIX/WPVLX)
    • Partners III Opportunity Fund (WPOPX/WPOIX)
    • Research Fund (WRESX)
    • Hickory Fund (WEHIX)
    • Balanced Fund (WBALX)
    • Short Duration Income Fund (WEFIX/WSHNX)
    • Core Plus Income Fund (WCPBX/WCPNX)
    • Nebraska Tax-Free Income Fund (WNTFX)
    • Ultra Short Government Fund (SAFEX)
  • Funds are focused on the long term.
  • Based on a value strategy that seeks to purchase stock in well-run companies at prices far below their intrinsic value
  • “Bottom up” approach begins with the individual opportunity presented by each company
  • Funds are non-diversified with money being put behind stock with the most potential to provide value to the investor now and returns over time
  • Weitz Investment employees have most of their investable assets in company funds

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Media Relations Contact Information
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