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Don't Wait for the Robins

In a market being driven by fear, investors must remember that temporary slowdowns do not impair the business value of strong companies. And while bear markets may be painful, history has shown that they can end when you least expect it.

Perimeter Solutions (PRM)

Perimeter Solutions is a specialty chemicals company with a primary business in supplying fire retardants and suppressants. Weitz equity analyst Nathan Ritz, CFA, explains how Perimeter's operational and capital allocation strategy may help the company continue to achieve success in niche markets.

High Uncertainty, Great Opportunity

The Fed continues to wage an aggressive fight against inflation, there remains nowhere to hide from stock and bond market declines, and signs point to further economic weakening. And yet, credit yields are on the rise. What does this mean for fixed income investors?

Drew Weitz and Barton Hooper Appear on The Investor‘s Podcast Network

Portfolio manager Drew Weitz and director of equity research Barton Hooper, CFA, recently sat down with the Clay Finck of the Millennial Investing by The Investor's Podcast Network for an in-depth discussion on our Quality at a Discount investing approach and how we put it into action.

Danaher Corporation (DHR)

Danaher Corporation is a diversified science and technology company that professes a goal of solving complex problems and improving quality of life around the world. Weitz equity analyst Nathan Ritz, CFA, breaks down Danaher's business strategy and organizational processes that are designed to drive growth and create value.

How Inflation and the Economic Environment are Impacting Fixed Income

Portfolio managers Tom Carney, CFA, and Nolan Anderson share their views on the current economic environment, the bond market, where they're finding opportunities, and their outlook for forward returns.

Fundamentals Over Forecasts: The Case for Quality in 2022

From fears over a recession, to inflation, to rate hikes — there is much to feel uncertain about. But director of equity research Barton Hooper explains that rather than making forecasts, remaining focused on identifying high-quality businesses available at a discount is a stronger long-term strategy.

Clouds With Silver Linings

Stock and bond prices are falling, inflation has gone from bad to worse, and the Fed is raising rates at its fastest pace in years. While the fixed income marketplace remains challenging, there is a silver lining that should have fixed income investors feeling optimistic.

Certain Uncertainty

After a rough first half of the year for stocks and bonds, the world continues to face questions related to inflation, interest rates, and earnings — wars, pandemics, and politics. And while uncertainty is a permanent condition for investors, the important thing is to own quality businesses with competent management teams that can cope with change and adversity.

No, the 60/40 Portfolio Is Not Dead

With stocks and bonds both declining, some pundits are once again declaring traditional allocation portfolios, like the 60/40, dead. But Weitz Investment Management portfolio managers Brad Hinton, CFA, and Nolan Anderson explain why that diagnosis is premature and where they're finding opportunities today.

Weitz 2022 Annual Shareholder Meeting

The Weitz 2022 Annual Shareholder Meeting featured a review of recent fund performance, thoughts on drawdowns in the equity and fixed income markets, expectations going forward, and more.

Highway to Hell...or Stairway to Heaven: Fixed Income Markets in 2022

As fixed income investors deal with record inflation, market volatility, and the fastest interest rate hikes in decades, Weitz portfolio managers Tom Carney, CFA, and Nolan Anderson share their take on the current bond marketplace and why it could prove to be either a Highway to Hell or a Stairway to Heaven.

Guidewire Software, Inc. (GWRE)

Guidewire is a software and data services provider focused on helping property and casualty insurance providers move beyond legacy tech and adopt new innovations. Weitz director of equity research Barton Hooper, CFA, breaks down why Guidewire's growth prospects, capable management team, and market position make it a strong representative of our Quality at a Discount investing framework.

Navigating Turbulent Times

Fixed income investors are navigating skyrocketing inflation, a surge in volatility, and the start of what could be the fastest rate-hiking cycle in decades. With multiple rate increases already priced into the market, we break down how we are reinvesting cash flows at higher base rates while continuing to move forward with patience and flexibility to take advantage of new credit opportunities.

Eyes on the Prize

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, ongoing supply chain disruptions, and rising inflation all made for an eventful quarter and interesting investing landscape. And while 2022 is already proving to be the “adventure” we expected, we believe it will ultimately create opportunities that can benefit our investors over the long run.

Investing Amid Market Volatility and Global Tensions

Weitz Investment Management director of equity research Barton Hooper, CFA, joins Asset TV to discuss the Weitz equity investment team's consideration of macro events like the Russia/Ukraine conflict in the research process, views on the energy and commodity sectors, and short- and long-term perspectives on Meta Platforms.

Meta Platforms (FB)

Meta Platforms — the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more — has forged a dominant position in social media. Despite recent pitfalls, the business continues to have strong potential.

Stock Investing Amid Market Drawdowns and Rising Rates

In a year that began with drawdowns in major stock indexes and anticipation for rising interest rates, Weitz co-CIOs Wally Weitz, CFA, and Brad Hinton, CFA, discuss how they're managing through it.

Finding Fixed Income Opportunities in 2022

Weitz fixed income portfolio managers Tom Carney and Nolan Anderson join Asset TV to reflect on 2021 and give their 2022 outlooks for the bond markets. They also weigh in on the value of active management in fixed income investing and areas where they are finding opportunities today.

Not-So-Bold Predictions

The year begins with many of the same challenges that faced the bond markets in 2021. Amid some of the worst real-returns for Treasuries in decades, ongoing shifts in Fed policy, and inflation taking a bite out of everyone — 2022 could prove to be a bumpy ride. But we are excited for the adventure.

Get Ready for an Adventurous Year

2021 was an unusual year and a tricky environment for investors, but we're pleased with how we navigated it. As 2022 begins with so many crosscurrents and transitions on the horizon, we expect an adventure for investors.

Weitz Quarterly Connection, Q4 2021

In the Q4 2021 Quarterly Connection, client portfolio manager Yana Morgan, CFP® provides an update on our current views on the markets and expectations going forward, followed by a Q&A with our founder, co-CIO, and portfolio manager Wally Weitz, CFA.

Quality at a Discount Large-Cap Investing in 2022

Right now, the stock market remains near all-time highs, all eyes are on the Fed for critical policy decisions, and inflation is adding a new layer of questions and concerns. In this complex investing environment, Weitz co-CIO Brad Hinton breaks down what factors matter most to him and his team for navigating the markets in 2022.

Roper Technologies

Roper Technologies, Inc., operates a wide variety of businesses that create software and engineered products for niche markets. Its focus on identifying and acquiring high-quality businesses has facilitated growth and strong returns on its investments over time. Roper sits high on our quality score matrix, making it an attractive company to own at the right price.

Managing Risks vs. Managing Returns

In a fixed income environment where opportunities are hard to come by, inflation concerns are rampant, and the economy faces hurdles on its path to recovery, successful management of risks will play a critical role in achieving returns.

Bring It On

The bull market that began after the initial shock of the pandemic has been good for most investors. But sooner or later, all good things must come to an end. And whenever the tide eventually turns, we'll be ready to take advantage.

Weitz Quarterly Connection, Q3 2021

In the Q3 2021 Quarterly Connection, client portfolio manager Yana Morgan, CFP®, and portfolio analyst Eric Lee, CFA, discussed timely topics, including inflation and monetary policy, and answered questions in a live Q&A session.

Finding Value in a High-Flying Market

Weitz portfolio managers Wally Weitz and Drew Weitz sit down with Asset TV to discuss how our Quality at a Discount investing framework serves as a roadmap for investing through all different types of market environments.

Liberty SiriusXM (LSXMA/K)

Liberty SiriusXM is a tracking stock that owns a controlling stake in the well-known satellite radio provider, SiriusXM. With its core radio offering, expanding streaming capabilities, and new audio platform technology — SiriusXM has a wide pathway to grow its business and deliver long-term value to shareholders. And the tracking stock's discount relative to its underlying business creates additional opportunities for investors.

Bitcoin and Blockchain: Embracing the Opportunities, Anticipating the Threats

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are huge topics in the financial industry . Weitz director of equity research Barton Hooper, CFA, breaks down the threats and opportunities that come with these potential industry disruptors, implications for specific companies on our radar, and the massive opportunity set these technologies could lead to.

It's Not Supposed to be Easy

With stock valuations high, odds of continuing to earn strong returns in the short term may be low. But investors should stay focused on the long run and continue to take a patient, disciplined approach.

When "Boring" Isn't Boring

Will inflation accelerate? Will the Fed tighten monetary policy? Will the stock market continue to fly into record territory? If there's anything certain in today's marketplace, it's that nothing is certain. It's challenging fixed income environments like this one that reinforce the benefits of flexible, security-by-security investing.

Asset TV: Fixed Income Investing Masterclass featuring Tom Carney

Weitz director of fixed income research and portfolio manager Tom Carney, CFA, joins an esteemed panel of bond market experts for an Asset TV Masterclass on fixed income investing. The wide-ranging discussion touches on timely topics including inflationary concerns, Fed policy, bond market opportunities, and more. 

Weitz 2021 Annual Shareholder Meeting

The Weitz 2021 Annual Shareholder Meeting featured a review of recent fund performance, thoughts on the current issues in the markets including interest rates and inflation, our expectations going forward, and more.

AutoZone (AZO)

Over the past 40 years, AutoZone has grown into the largest retailer of aftermarket auto parts in the U.S. As the company continues to serve the do-it-yourself auto repair market, its commercial supply business has also begun to turn the corner.

Opportunities in CLOs Amid a Low-Rate Environment

Tom Carney, CFA, and Nolan Anderson explain why corporate CLOs are proving to be attractive options for their bond portfolios. The two share their view on the interest rate landscape, inflation, and bond market expectations going forward.

A "Toolbox" View on Long/Short Equity

There is more to long/short equity than GameStop, short squeezes, and Reddit. Wally Weitz, CFA, and Drew Weitz join Asset TV to discuss how they're managing their long/short portfolio - the Weitz Partners III Opportunity Fund - where they see opportunities today, and their view on the economic recovery in 2021.

What a Difference a Year Makes

The old saying “what a difference a year makes,” might be a cliché, but it accurately reflects the great disparity from the chaos of 2020 to the optimism of 2021. But with a future still filled with uncertainty, we continue to move our fixed income funds forward on a defensive path.

Remembering What Counts

Vaccine distributions and a reopening of the global economy create a sense of optimism that the world will be returning to a sense of normal. But current stock and bond valuations give us pause, as the recovery may not be as good, or as quick, as markets seem to be anticipating.

Quality at a Discount Investing: Six Elements of Quality

Weitz co-CIO Brad Hinton and director of equity research Barton Hooper join Asset TV to break down the six quality elements of our Quality at a Discount investing framework and how each element plays an important role in identifying above-average to excellent companies.

A Defensive Stand

The bond market selloff of February 25, 2021, served as a valuable reminder of the importance of active management and helped to demonstrate why we take a disciplined approach to the balance of risk and return. The Weitz fixed income team explains why the selloff helps to show that a good defense is the best offense in fixed income investing.

A Message from Wally Weitz on Berkshire Hathaway

Every year, Berkshire Hathaway chairman and CEO Warren Buffett releases a letter to shareholders, which has become a “must read” for investors around the world. Wally Weitz shares his thoughts on why this year's letter serves as an important reminder for why we have owned Berkshire Hathaway stock continuously since our founding in 1983.

For Fixed Income in 2021, a Good Defense is Still the Best Offense

Weitz fixed income portfolio managers Tom Carney, CFA, and Nolan Anderson join Asset TV to share their outlook for 2021's fixed income markets.

Fidelity National Information Services (FIS)

Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) has a demonstrated track record of innovation within the financial technology space and continues to find new opportunities to improve long-term growth prospects. Weitz Director of Equity Research Barton Hooper, CFA, breaks down how FIS fits into the Weitz Quality at a Discount investing framework.

Value Can be Found Anywhere

Wally Weitz joins AssetTV's Value Investing Masterclass to explain our view on value and our quality-focused approach to investing.

2021 Outlook

Wally Weitz, Brad Hinton, and Drew Weitz review the previous year and lay out their vision for 2021.

Legends Live On

We have described the market turmoil of 2020 as being like a hurricane, and we are pleased to have navigated it adeptly. As we face a future filled with uncertainties, we believe we're strongly positioned to weather storms ahead, and to do so with invaluable experience to guide our decisions.

Now What?

With a difficult year behind us, the question on so many minds is “now what?” While the effects of the global pandemic still weigh heavily on the world, 2021 brings with it a sense of optimism for the future, and the challenge for investors will be to discern what a “new normal” looks like.

Quality at a Discount

At a glance, the concept of quality investing seems pretty clear cut. Quality is synonymous with “good.” In practically all aspects of life, everybody wants quality, right? Who would wittingly place their financial goals in the hands of low-quality investments?

But of course, the reality is a bit more nuanced.

Weitz 2020 Annual Shareholder Meeting

In the 2020 Weitz Annual Shareholder Meeting, co-CIOs Wally Weitz and Brad Hinton along with director of fixed income research Tom Carney gave an in-depth review of our recent performance, our views on the markets, and an update on our funds and our team.

First Republic Bank (FRC)

First Republic Bank (FRC) is built around the idea that banking can be an experience to look forward to. Weitz research analyst Sean Pompa, CFA, digs into the company's service-centric business model and why we think FRC may be attractive to long-term investors.

Escaping the 'Math Problem'

The current fixed income environment is wrought with challenges, particularly for broad indexes and the funds that follow them. But we believe opportunities can be found by remaining flexible and searching outside of the indexes.

What a Recovery Looks Like

While the stock market has roared to new highs in recent months, we likely face a longer journey to reach a full economic recovery. But we believe there will be opportunities for investors along the way.

IDEX Corp. (IEX)

IDEX has managed to forge a niche for itself as a supplier of highly engineered, mission-critical products for an array of industries. The specialized nature of IDEX's business allows the company to remain a leader in innovation and maintain its strong competitive advantage. In addition, a solid business operating model and a visionary CEO place IDEX in a position to compound value over time.

Asset TV Mid-Year Outlook with Tom Carney and Nolan Anderson

Weitz fixed income portfolio managers Tom Carney, CFA, and Nolan Anderson join Asset TV for the 2020 Mid-Year Outlook series.

CoStar Group (CSGP)

CoStar Group's army of researchers, massive proprietary database, and track record of consistent investment have made it an essential tool for commercial real estate professionals. The group's dominant position is unlikely to be overtaken, and the company continues to find new ways to grow.

Markel Corporation (MKL)

Markel Corporation's specialty insurance expertise, 90-year history, and successful management make it a solid addition to several of our funds. With increasing cash flow and wide reinvestment options, Markel has a strong potential for future growth. Research Analyst Sean Pompa shares insights into the opportunities we're seeing.

LKQ Corporation (LKQ)

Research analyst Jon Baker discusses LKQ Corporation, the leading distributor of aftermarket vehicle collision parts in the U.S. and Canada, as well as the largest European distributor of replacement automotive mechanical parts.

Asset TV Envestnet Advisor Summit 2019 w/ Brad Hinton

On site at the 2019 Envestnet Advisor Summit, Brad Hinton, Co-CIO and portfolio manager introduces Weitz, our investment philosophy and strategies.

Charter Communications (CHTR)

Amid a cable industry paradigm shift from pay-TV provider to entertainment operating system, Charter Communications – a leading broadband communications company and the second-largest cable operator in the U.S. – continues to offer a compelling, albeit complex, opportunity for investors.

Axalta Coating Systems (AXTA)

While a young public company (IPO in 2014), Axalta is over a century old, founded in 1866 as a division of DuPont. Today, under new management, Axalta has taken meaningful steps to improve the business. We believe there are multiple avenues Axalta can take to create shareholder value.
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