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Q&A: Reassessing Opportunities in the Evolving Bond Market

Weitz's Tom Carney, CFA, and Nolan Anderson sit down with Bill Hortz to delve into some less familiar aspects of the evolving bond market and how Weitz is able to navigate their complexities effectively.

An Introduction to Equifax (EFX)

Equity research analyst Mo Spolan, CFA, breaks down his analysis on Equifax - one of the three major U.S. credit bureaus.

Weitz Fixed Income: Overview and Market Outlook

What are our current views on the fixed income markets — and how are we managing through this environment?

Weitz 2024 Annual Shareholder Meeting

Watch the replay of the 2024 Weitz Annual Shareholder Meeting, as members of our investment team provided an update on our portfolios and took shareholders' questions in a live Q&A.

Getting Around the Bases

In a landscape fraught with dramatic headlines, uncertainty, and high-flying tech stocks driven by quickly evolving AI technology, many investors have become uneasy. In spite of the noise, we remain focused on delivering robust risk-adjusted returns while safely getting around the bases.

Benefits of Casting a Wider Net in the Bond Markets

Decades ago, it may have made good sense for fixed income investors to simply track broad bond indexes like the Agg. But today, with the Agg representing less than half of the full U.S. bond market, investors may benefit from casting a wider net.

Four Things to Consider When Moving Out of Cash

With so much uncertainty about when rate cuts will happen and to what extent, it's prudent to think about when to move off the sidelines and participate more in the market. Here are a few things to consider when thinking about extending duration.

"Avoid Crazy" and Stay Focused

In a market environment that could be unsettled by changes in monetary policy, wars overseas, and a high-stakes election - investors may want to heed the advice of Charlie Munger to “avoid crazy” and remain focused on the long term.

Bonds Are Back, Redux

With memories of "zero interest-rate policy" still fresh in fixed income investors' minds - we believe a return to an environment in which rates are less manipulated by central banks could prove beneficial to investors.

Navigating a Bond Market of Unknowns

What will the Fed do next? Will the economy remain resilient? Will the geopolitical events disrupt the markets? Nobody knows. Good bond investors don't have a crystal ball - they have the ability to react to any environment that gets thrown at them.

An Introduction to Microchip Technology (MCHP)

Weitz director of equity research Barton Hooper, CFA, and junior equity analyst Andrew McClure explain the history of Microchip Technology, Inc., how the business compares to key competitors in the semiconductor industry, and possible paths forward.

Tom Carney Talks Bond Opportunities on the Contrarian Investor Podcast

Weitz co-head of fixed income and portfolio manager Tom Carney, CFA, joins The Contrarian Investor podcast to discuss his views on the bond markets, where he's seeing opportunities today, and more.

Perspective Over Predictions

As uncertainty again proves to be a certain condition - we continue to believe companies with competitive advantages, smart and flexible management teams, and solid finances will always find ways to move forward, build business value, and earn higher stock prices.

Where are We Now?

An uncertain path for interest rates, questions over economic strength, and a tug-of-war between the Fed and the U.S. government continue to fuel challenges for fixed income investors. In today›s environment, the ability to cast a wide net in the bond markets is especially important.

Weitz Research Analyst Mo Spolan on Business Breakdowns Podcast

Weitz research analyst Mo Spolan sits down for an in-depth discussion on his research into Equifax - one of the three major credit bureaus.

The Case for Extending Duration

Considering today's volatile fixed income environment, it may seem that seeking shelter in cash is the safest move. But in some scenarios, sitting on the sidelines can be a dangerous game.

Weitz Core Plus Income Fund Featured on CNBC

In a new article, co-head of fixed income Tom Carney breaks down how our active approach to fixed income allows us to flexibly take advantage of the best risk/reward opportunities wherever and whenever we find them.

An Introduction to Vista

Weitz fixed income research analyst David Kratz gives our take on the global aviation company Vista, how the business is aiming to revolutionize private air travel, and why it may be in a strong position for growth.

Q&A Highlights Weitz's Active, Flexible Approach to Fixed Income

Weitz's Tom Carney, CFA, and Nolan Anderson sit down with Bill Hortz to break down their fixed income background and how they approach bond investing with a wide net. Tom and Nolan give their take on why broad bond indexes can underrepresent opportunities in the marketplace, the value of active management and diversification, how advisors should assess fixed income allocations in client portfolios, and more.

Unexpected Resilience

Fixed income investors remain on high alert for a potential recession. And while some cracks have begun to show in the markets, no economic downturn has materialized. No matter what happens, we continue to take a cautious approach and cast a wide net in the fixed income markets.

Patience Counts

While news headlines, Fed policy, and economic worries continue to create challenges in the stock and bond markets, we remain focused on patiently shaping our portfolios with the best companies available at reasonable prices. We believe buying the right businesses at the right price and holding patiently will always be a prescription for investing success.

Staying Focused Through Changing Times

The Fed's ongoing mission to tame inflation, along with high-profile bank failures, have increased fears of a potential recession. But even during tough economic times, investors who remain focused on the long-term may be able to take advantage of new opportunities.

With Uncertainty Now the Norm, Bonds Remain Attractive

A year that began with headlines proclaiming "Bonds are Back" quickly changed course. While the rollercoaster ride in the bond markets may continue, the turbulence could bring about a changing opportunity set for fixed income investors.

A Reintroduction to CarMax

Weitz research analyst Jon Baker, CFA, shares our take on CarMax (KMX) and breaks down how the pandemic impacted the car-buying industry, the changing competitive landscape facing CarMax, and potential paths forward for the company.

Bonds are Back / Return of Income

The past 12 months have been challenging for fixed income investors. But as we enter 2023, the bond landscape is no longer an environment of 'return-free risk.' Rather, it is filled with new opportunities to generate income from a portfolio of fixed income securities.

What to Do When Others are Fearful

As we enter into a new year, fears over economic weakness and a potential recession continue to fuel the bear market. But bear markets tend to end when least expected, and we stand ready to take advantage of opportunities to buy high-quality stocks at discounted prices.

2023 Fixed Income Outlook and Opportunities

Weitz Investment Management's Co-Heads of Fixed income Tom Carney, CFA, and Nolan Anderson share their views on the state of the market for fixed income, what they expect to see in 2023, and where they're seeing opportunities now.

Weitz's "Winning Formula" in Fixed Income Featured in Barron's

Weitz's Tom Carney, CFA, and Nolan Anderson sit down with Barron's to break down their approach to bond investing and how their simple, yet powerful, fixed income philosophy has led to strong results for the Weitz Core Plus Income Fund.

Perimeter Solutions (PRM)

Perimeter Solutions is a specialty chemicals company with a primary business in supplying fire retardants and suppressants. Weitz equity analyst Nathan Ritz, CFA, explains how Perimeter's operational and capital allocation strategy may help the company continue to achieve success in niche markets.

Don't Wait for the Robins

In a market being driven by fear, investors must remember that temporary slowdowns do not impair the business value of strong companies. And while bear markets may be painful, history has shown that they can end when you least expect it.

High Uncertainty, Great Opportunity

The Fed continues to wage an aggressive fight against inflation, there remains nowhere to hide from stock and bond market declines, and signs point to further economic weakening. And yet, credit yields are on the rise. What does this mean for fixed income investors?

Drew Weitz and Barton Hooper Appear on The Investor's Podcast Network

Portfolio manager Drew Weitz and director of equity research Barton Hooper, CFA, recently sat down with the Clay Finck of the Millennial Investing by The Investor's Podcast Network for an in-depth discussion on our Quality at a Discount investing approach and how we put it into action.

Danaher Corporation (DHR)

Danaher Corporation is a diversified science and technology company that professes a goal of solving complex problems and improving quality of life around the world. Weitz equity analyst Nathan Ritz, CFA, breaks down Danaher's business strategy and organizational processes that are designed to drive growth and create value.

How Inflation and the Economic Environment are Impacting Fixed Income

Portfolio managers Tom Carney, CFA, and Nolan Anderson share their views on the current economic environment, the bond market, where they're finding opportunities, and their outlook for forward returns.

Fundamentals Over Forecasts: The Case for Quality in 2022

From fears over a recession, to inflation, to rate hikes — there is much to feel uncertain about. But director of equity research Barton Hooper explains that rather than making forecasts, remaining focused on identifying high-quality businesses available at a discount is a stronger long-term strategy.

Clouds With Silver Linings

Stock and bond prices are falling, inflation has gone from bad to worse, and the Fed is raising rates at its fastest pace in years. While the fixed income marketplace remains challenging, there is a silver lining that should have fixed income investors feeling optimistic.

Certain Uncertainty

After a rough first half of the year for stocks and bonds, the world continues to face questions related to inflation, interest rates, and earnings — wars, pandemics, and politics. And while uncertainty is a permanent condition for investors, the important thing is to own quality businesses with competent management teams that can cope with change and adversity.

No, the 60/40 Portfolio Is Not Dead

With stocks and bonds both declining, some pundits are once again declaring traditional allocation portfolios, like the 60/40, dead. But Weitz Investment Management portfolio managers Brad Hinton, CFA, and Nolan Anderson explain why that diagnosis is premature and where they're finding opportunities today.

Highway to Hell...or Stairway to Heaven: Fixed Income Markets in 2022

As fixed income investors deal with record inflation, market volatility, and the fastest interest rate hikes in decades, Weitz portfolio managers Tom Carney, CFA, and Nolan Anderson share their take on the current bond marketplace and why it could prove to be either a Highway to Hell or a Stairway to Heaven.

Quality at a Discount

At a glance, the concept of quality investing seems pretty clear cut. Quality is synonymous with “good.” In practically all aspects of life, everybody wants quality, right? Who would wittingly place their financial goals in the hands of low-quality investments?

But of course, the reality is a bit more nuanced.

Value vs. Growth: Looking Beyond the "Spots"

At a glance, cheetahs and leopards may seem like two very similar animals. The same can be said for value and growth investing, but looking beyond the “spots” reveals several critical distinctions.
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