The Weitz Way

Our guiding principles for investing your money thoughtfully.

If you were expecting to see a complex, high-flying explanation of our investment approach, you may be disappointed. The Weitz Way is actually pretty simple. It's the mindset with which we approach investing. And it's the foundation of our unique instinct for opportunity.

We’re in it with you

Our employees have almost all of their investable assets in our funds. We believe that our reasoned, value-based approach will yield strong, sustainable results over the long term.
The more important point is this: while we can’t guarantee that we’ll win every time, we can guarantee that we’re treating your money as if it were our own and giving it all of our attention. We win or lose together.

We know a lot (but not everything)

Knowing what you don’t know is always important. In investing, it’s crucial. That’s why each of our analysts has defined circles of competence. When you understand the industry you’re looking at, it’s easier to spot opportunities. While we don’t have a monopoly on good investment ideas, we prefer to stay close to what we know and seek opportunities we understand. This approach reduces risk and allows us to invest only in businesses that we have confidence in.

We think for ourselves

While the popular idea of broad diversification offers a sense of security, the results are typically average. We’re investing to beat the market. We consistently follow our philosophy of patiently choosing undervalued stocks.
While we start at the level of individual companies, we pay close attention to how the economic headwinds and tailwinds are affecting our businesses. While a volatile market may cause discomfort for some fund managers, it’s where we thrive. Volatility has the potential to create profitable value opportunities.