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2021 Year-End Capital Gains Indications

The funds' long-term approach to investing means that the capital gains realized in a particular year can be the result of an investment held over an extended period of time. The amount of capital gain distributions may vary year over year since the distributions are based on net capital gains realized each year. Click here to review Historical Fund Distributions

Following are preliminary capital gains distribution indications (shown as a percentage of net asset value*) and are based on each fund's portfolio at a point in time and are subject to change prior to each fund's actual distribution. Actual distributions will be based on net capital gains and losses realized by each fund through October 31 and may be substantially different. 

  • Indications do not include ordinary income distributions, other than short-term capital gains, a fund may be making. Net short-term capital gains, when distributed, are generally taxable as ordinary income and are reported as Ordinary Dividends on Form 1099-DIV.
  • THIS PRELIMINARY INFORMATION IS NOT FINAL. Tax returns should not be prepared based on this information. Shareholders should contact their tax advisors for information regarding the federal and state income taxation of capital gain distributions on their personal tax situations.


Based on information as of December 6, 2021, the following Weitz Funds may make a capital gain distribution as indicated below.


Fund Name Record
Ex & Pay
(% of NAV)
(% of NAV)
(% of NAV) 

Hickory Fund (WEHIX) 12/14/21 12/15/21 0.00% 8.41%  8.41%
Partners III Opportunity Fund - Investor (WPOIX) 12/14/21
12/15/21 0.00% 11.37% 11.37%
Partners III Opportunity Fund - Institutional (WPOPX) 12/14/21 12/15/21 0.00% 10.70%  10.70% 
Partners Value Fund  - Investor (WPVLX)
12/14/21 12/15/21 0.00%
6.45%  6.45%
Partners Value Fund  - Institutional (WPVIX) 12/14/21 12/15/21 0.00% 6.31%  6.31%
Value Fund - Investor (WVALX)
12/14/21 12/15/21 0.04%
3.70%  3.74%
Value Fund - Institutional (WVAIX) 12/14/21 12/15/21 0.04% 3.63%  3.66%

Balanced Fund - Investor (WBALX) 12/14/21 12/15/21 0.13% 2.21% 2.35%
Balanced Fund - Institutional (WBAIX) 12/14/21 12/15/21 0.13%

Core Plus Income Fund - Investor (WCPNX) 12/14/21 12/15/21 0.15%
0.13%  0.28%
Core Plus Income Fund - Institutional (WCPBX) 12/14/21 12/15/21 0.15%
Nebraska Tax-Free Income Fund  12/14/21 12/15/21 n/a n/a  n/a
Short Duration Income Fund - Investor (WSHNX) 12/14/21 12/15/21 0.02%
Short Duration Income Fund - Institutional (WEFIX) 12/14/21 12/15/21 0.02%
Ultra Short Government Fund - declares income daily, pays monthly 12/14/21 12/15/21 0.00%
0.00%  0.00%

* To calculate the estimated per share dollar value distribution, multiply the above percentage by the fund's net asset value (NAV) which is updated daily, see Prices & Performance. Then, to apply this to your own account, multiply the estimated dollar value distribution by the total number of fund shares held. You can obtain the current number of shares that you hold by accessing your account online or by contacting us at 800-304-9745. 

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