Mid-Cap Value Strategy : Overview

For organizations that would benefit from an investment strategy focused on medium-sized companies with undervalued stock at the time of purchase, this portfolio would be appropriate. With a focus on long-term capital appreciation, the strategy focuses on mid-cap companies with market capitalization, at the time of our initial purchase, greater than $1 billion and less than or equal to the market capitalization of the largest company in the Russell Midcap Index.

We take a disciplined approach, only acting on opportunities that are in line with our core mission and reflect a careful balance of return and risk. We remain flexible, acting with the market. And we capitalize on mispriced assets to deliver real results.

Strategy Statistics

As of September 30, 2019
Total net assets (in millions) $230.2
Market cap mandate: This strategy invests in companies less than $10 billion at time of purchase
Status: Open to new investors
Minimum new account size: $10 Million
This strategy is also available as a mutual fund.