Small/Mid-Cap Value Strategy : Portfolio Manager(s)

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Wallace Weitz, CFA
Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager

As the chief investment officer and founder of Weitz Investment Management, Inc., Wally has spent over three decades putting his instinct for opportunity to work for shareholders. Influenced by the value investing model of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett, Wally aims to produce outstanding results as manager of the Multi-Cap Alternative Strategy and co-manager of the Large-Cap Value, Multi-Cap Value and Small/Mid-Cap Value Strategies. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics at Carleton College in 1970, Wally spent three years in New York doing security analysis before coming back to Omaha and joining Chiles, Heider & Co. in 1973. There, he spent 10 years as an analyst and portfolio manager until he started Wallace R. Weitz & Company in 1983. Wally is on the Board of Trustees for Carleton College and serves on various other non-profit boards. He has been a CFA® charterholder since 1977.
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Andrew S. Weitz
Research Analyst, Portfolio Manager

As a research analyst, Drew works to learn about different businesses and how they could potentially fit into our portfolios. Drew first came to Weitz Investment Management, Inc. in 2008 when he was a student studying computer science at Carleton College. He worked in client services, research and operations, which proved to be excellent training ground for his current role of portfolio co-manager of the Hickory Fund. After graduating from Carleton in 2002, he worked as a research associate and research analyst for Ariel Investments.